🎨 UI/UX Designer [Freelance] [Remote]

About us
We provide web and mobile design services tailored for small businesses. Our aim? Beautiful, user-friendly design that people love.

- Web Design:
Design intuitive and responsive websites tailored to client needs.
- Mobile App Design: Create visually appealing and user-centric mobile app interfaces.
- UI/UX Design: Continually refine and optimize interfaces to ensure a top-notch user experience.
- Marketing Design: Produce a variety of marketing materials, from logos to targeted ads, based on client needs.

Required skills and experience
- Strong portfolio:
We are looking for people that can deliver amazing work.
- Technical Skills: Familiarity with popular design software is a must.
- Communication: Talk with clients, understand their needs, and deliver amazing work.
- Adaptability: Respond to feedback from clients and adjust designs as needed.

Why work with us:
- It’s a remote position.
- Flexible hours.
- You set your own pay.
- Diverse projects.
- You can work full or part time.

We are based in Europe and we send all payments in Euro.

If you’re talented and skilled, we want you!
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