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What We Do

At Digital Jetty we help companies from all around the world build software that they desire.

We do that by providing the best technical expertise available on the market. We specialize in services such as:

Web software development

We specialize in full-stack TypeScript and JavaScript development. We work mostly withRapDv, our low-code framework with CMS capabilities.

Graphic design

We will provide you with a beautiful and easy to use UI designs.


We will make sure that your product is bugs free by testing it extensively.

We cover full life-cycle of software development

If you need something that isn't mentioned above or you have any questions, then pleasecontact us.

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Why Us

Tasks board

Easily add tasks to project board. We will will handle them one-by-one.

Quick delivery

We pride ourselves on fast delivery, ensuring you receive your top-quality service promptly so you can keep your projects moving forward without delay.

Fixed cost

Our fixed-cost pricing ensures transparency and affordability, helping you stay within budget while receiving exceptional service work tailored to your needs.

Amazing quality

We're dedicated to delivering top-notch service that exceed your expectations, ensuring your brand stands out with a polished, professional appearance.

Just great software

Each software we create is tailored just for you, ensuring a one-of-a-kind look that perfectly represents your brand and sets you apart from the competition.

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How We Work

Pick a service

Select a service that fit your needs best.

Add requests to the board

Simply add your requests to the tasks board, making it easy to communicate your ideas and track progress while ensuring your vision is brought to life.

We start work

As soon as your request is on the board, we dive in, transforming your ideas into stunning visuals that resonate with your target audience.

Get results delivered

Efficient and timely, our team transforms your concepts into stunning, functional product, ready for you to showcase to the world.

Review delivered work

Examine delivered work, provide feedback, and collaborate with us to fine-tune your project, ensuring it perfectly captures your vision and business goals.

Keep on requesting work

Continue requesting work as needed – our flexible packages cater to your evolving needs, ensuring your online presence stays fresh and engaging.

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In-depth Details

Requests limit

You can have as many requests as you like. There is no limit. Just please keep in mind that we work on them on a one-by-one basis.

Work reviews

If you are not fully satisfied with delivered work, you can simply ask for desired changes or different proposals. There are no limits regarding work reviews.

Refunds policy

Because of a custom nature of work, no refunds will be issued for used parts of the contracts.

Pause or stop the cooperation whenever you want

Enjoy the flexibility to pause or end your collaboration at any time, ensuring you have full control over whole process and the freedom to make changes as needed.

Scale up, according to your needs

Easily and flexible scale services, if you have bigger needs.

Current Work


We are currently building Neudesk. It will be the best website builder, that will allow you to create a website in 10 minutes flat.

Neudesk - Best website builder for small business
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