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About Us

Our company specializes in delivering high quality software for web and mobile platforms.

We do that by gathering all the requirements for a software project and delivering them continuously in one or two weeks sprints. If we don’t have a knowledge or capacity in-house, then we work with best independent contractors.

We manage the whole development process so that you don’t have to worry about anything. You will get reports on work progress either daily or weekly so that you can control the direction of your project.

We charge either hourly for our work or based on delivered tasks. We try to deliver results often, so that you can have your expenses under control and make sure that you will get most value for your money

Give us a call and we can chat about your project details and see if we might be a good fit.

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Web Development From Your Dreams

Innovation and flexibility allow us to implement the best solution to fit your needs. Our beautifully designed and user friendly applications will boost your business and help you reach for the stars! We can deliver work in multiple technologies.

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Mobile Applications Your Customers Deserve

We create mobile apps that will make your device shine. Whether it be iOS, Android, Unity 3D or HTML 5 application, no technical challenge can stand in our way. Thanks to Bluetooth and NFC and we extend the boundaries to reach outside your device and flawlessly communicate with the IoT world!

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Desktop Apps Development From Your Dreams

We can deliver desktop applications that are fast and beautiful.
We work with native and web technologies in order to achieve this.
Nowadays it's possible to have a single code base and deploy to multiple operating systems:
Mac, Windows and Linux

You should use desktop platform in order to achieve maximum performance and speed.

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Design That Will Delight Your Customers

Pixel perfect design is a key to success of your software. We will amaze you once project is finished.

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Software Testing That Will Create Enchanting Products

Testing might be the most underrated part of creating software.
You shouldn't forget about it though!

We will test your solution at every stage of its creation.
As a result your customers will be delighted with final product. Software that is fast, flawless and a pleasure to use.

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