At Digital Jetty we connect clients with best software development experts.

Many companies of varying sizes face challenges with finding the right expertise for their current needs. We help them find the right people to accomplish their goals.

As a truly global company, we believe that great professionals are all around the globe. That is why we cooperate with companies from all locations, as long as they can prove their highest level of expertise and communication skills.

We are certain that you will be able to find here professionals that will help you meet your goals and grow your revenue exponentially.

Digital Jetty Typical Employment Virtual Platforms
Time to Find Professional 0 - 4 weeks 1 - 4 months 1 - 3 months
Recruiting Fee $0 $8-42k $0
Risk-Free Trial Yes No No
Guarantee of Best Price Yes Yes No
Daily Reports Yes No No
Great Communication Skills Yes Yes No
Termination Costs None Very high None
  • Safe Investment
    When starting work with each professional, first two weeks is a trial period. During that time, you have a right to terminate cooperation with a professional at any given moment. If a professional’s work will not meet your expectations, then you will not be billed for this trial period. You will be able to spend paid money on other professionals or we will return them to you, no questions asked.

We developed a streamlined process of qualifying professionals and assuring their capabilities to work for you.

Our verification process consists of few steps that ensure the highest level of performance and communication abilities.

  • Language Skills and Personality
    We believe that it's one of the most fundamental things to be able to communicate freely with a people that you work with. That is why we have a video call with each professional that we work with to make sure that they are proficient in English and a great cultural fit.
  • Portfolio Review
    When you hire specialists, you want to make sure that they are able to perform at the highest level possible. For this reason, we pay close attention to previously delivered work and we cooperate only with the most experienced partners.
  • References Check
    It's always good to make sure that previous clients were satisfied with a expert's performance. We always get a proof of a past successful cooperation.
  • Constant Improvement
    We make sure that professionals that we work with keep their skill set up to date and improve constantly their expertise. We achieve this by giving them an opportunity to work on great projects and cooperate daily with amazing clients.

Our workflow is designed in a way to provide stress and risk-free experience for all parties involved.

Our typical project looks as follow.

Once we gather initial requirements and assemble a required team, we start working in two weeks iterations.

Our clients pay up front for work delivered in an iteration, which makes it safe for professionals.

Once iteration starts, professionals start to deliver work as well as daily reports after each work day. Their work is being monitored, which gives our clients guarantee of each hour worked.

After each iteration, clients have a verification period of seven days to verify work delivered in an iteration. If no dispute is started, then work is considered as delivered and professionals get paid.

Described iteration is repeated until a client gets the desired outcome.

We provide a broad range of professionals working in a tech industry. Majority of our specialists fall into the following categories.

  • Front-end Developers
    They create a visual aspect of an application and work mostly with technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Back-end Developers
    Those are people focused on developing server applications, the majority of technologies that they use are: PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby, C++.
  • Full-stack Developers
    They join together expertise from front and back-end and they make sure that applications work properly as a whole. In order to achieve this, they use all sorts of web technologies.
  • Mobile App Developers
    They develop mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems. They can develop native applications using, for example, Swift, Java or Kotlin. It's also possible to create cross-platform solutions using technologies like React Native.
  • Designers
    Before development starts, it's highly advised to get screen mockups first. It will reduce misunderstandings and will greatly reduce development time.
  • Quality Assurance
    It's important to test applications during development and after release. QA can do manual testing or automatize their job using the unit or UI tests.