Remote, Ongoing contract

We need a website made ideally with WordPress and the Elementor page builder that offers the same service that this website offers, abedderworld. com --

It offers curbside mattress pick up/ recycling/ removal/ disposal/ haul away) but of course as my own brand. The ultimate goal is for it to rank on the first page of google (top 5 results or better) for various cities when people search the "name of their 'mattress removal or recycling'" and so on etc..

For example, locally here in San Diego, one of the website's page's would be for San Diego and other individual pages would be for the various other cities such as Del Mar, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, and so on and eventually other cities in other states just like abedderworld. com has done.

As far as the website, the only thing we have as of now is a possible domain name and of course the business model example detailed above above..

We're looking for someone qualified. This is a project for someone or an SEO Agency that has strong "local seo strategies" knowledge and application.

We know that a blog helps with ranking. 

We are open to ideas.

We Want to start this project soon.