+40h / week
Remote, Ongoing contract

SCRUFF, one of the largest global gay social networks worldwide, has an opening for a part-time React Native developer. Ideal candidates have at least one year of React/React Native programming experience. You will be responsible for developing, maintaining and delivering React Native templates and apps. To start, we anticipate this role requiring 15-20 hours of work per week for 2-3 months, with additional hours to be determined as our needs evolve.

New engineers and boot camp graduates may apply, but you must be able to demonstrate the following:

• Understanding of Separation of concerns. 
• Total confidence in your ability to understand dynamic React Native layouts. 
• Without Googling, we expect you to know the answers to the following: 
• How do you center and stretch with flexbox in React Native? 
• Opinions about optimal design and structure of React Native styles. 
• Experience building at least one significant React Native application, with source code available to share with us. 
• Confidence working in: git, bash, and simple bash shell scripting. 
• Confidence working with and creating/exporting images in Photoshop. An eye for design. You should have a multiple websites and/or web designs to show off.

In this role with SCRUFF, you will be responsible for developing React Native-based edge-to-edge full-screen marketing messages. These could include: promotions, in-app announcements, how-to pages, SCRUFF tips, alerts, news, or warnings. You will receive designs from our design team and be expected to intuitively understand how to convert those designs into a React Native layout.

You will take ownership of our existing React Native apps and templates and build a sustainable and optimized workflow to make the creation of new edge-to-edge alerts as seamless as possible.

Part of this work is deadline-driven, and in some cases you will be expected to deliver new React Native ad layouts between 24-48 hours.

This is a great opportunity for new engineers who are passionate about mobile software, online communities, and design, and are eager develop a cutting-edge set of technical skills.

While we welcome resumes from all qualified candidates, we will give special weight to candidates who can provide the following:

• Links to React Native projects previously delivered 
• URLs for web applications you have developed and shipped 
• A growing Stack Overflow score 
• An active GitHub account