Remote, Ongoing contract

I'm seeking web developer to program and design websites, features, social-media+

This would on an on-call basis, but looking for junior-mid-sr development people, with good skills

and it's a remote position - but you must prototype the site / features, and transfer this to get paid.

It will be ongoing and potentially a great opportunity, if you are the right person for this.

There are multiple skill sets, we are looking for - and You don't have to do all:


-ui frameworks ( react or angular or vue or ?? )

-galleries, photos, image resizing scripts and ftp

-wordpress cms

-drupal cms

-headless cms system with custom ui

-social media site features, chat and messaging, forums and community

-dynamic pages, with html5 features


-authentication and security

-map platforms ( google or other map platforms )

Sorry - that turned out to be a lot, but these are all features of good websites, and would like to incorporate into the next sites, to be built.

This job is a remote position, although it could help, if you're from Chicago