Remote, Ongoing contract

Chameleon Design Firm is looking for young, skilled designers who are interested in working on design consulting projects, kick-starting their careers, and getting their feet wet in the industry. Chameleon is a growing collective of designers who work on freelance consulting projects for companies developing products or defining their brands.

Chameleon Design Consultant Partners are paid on a project-by-project basis, and can work on projects at their own flexibility during the year. Partners benefit from Chameleon, which sources project opportunities for them, creates a close-knit + incredible network with fellow design partners, serves as a platform for professional exposure, and provides an avenue to gain industry experience + build portfolios in a self-paced, experience-oriented way. Partners at Chameleon are encouraged to remain in school and/or work in other full-time positions, while contributing to Chameleon projects in a freelance style.

All types of designers are welcome to apply for this opportunity: 
- Industrial/Product Designers 
- Visual/Graphic Designers 
- Interface/UX Designers 
- Intervention/Experience Designers 
- Brand/Marketing Designers

Chameleon Design Consultant Partners have the following skills / qualifications: 
- Are pursuing a degree in some aspect of design / art / engineering, or have significant experience in a related field. 
- Are excellent project managers + task organizers. 
- Are passionate creative minds with an eye for details, hunger for knowledge, and desire to add the extra “fairy dust” to every design or experience. 
- Have streamlined, professional communication skills. 
- Possess a growth mindset and are ready to embrace their mistakes as an opportunity to learn. 
- Aren't afraid to dream big and view Chameleon as the first stepping stone in an successful design career. 
- Are fast learners and are willing to prototype + experiment with new software, manufacturing methods, and design methods to achieve unique, impactful solutions. 
- Possess some technical skill in the field of design (see below).

Experience in one or more of these general areas is highly valued. 
- 3D CAD design / modeling: Solidworks, Rhino, Fusion 360, technical/engineering drawing. 
- Manufacturing processes: Milling, Lathe, Casting, Injection Molding, Woodworking, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, etc. 
- Visual / Graphic Design Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, design sketching, product rendering, logo/icon design. 
- Coding / Development: Java, C++, HTML, web or mobile app development.